The hyena is predator and so aggressive to hunting the alone wildebeest and hyena so very strong and chasing the wildebeest to get hunt today

The wildebeest, with its graceful appearance and enormous horns, faces off against the hyena, a cunning predator. The hyena approached with boldness and quick attack and bit hard on the wildebeest’s leg.

A Chaser, A Prey and An Opportunist.. — Munish Photography

However, the wildebeest’s strength and patience do not allow it to be easily defeated. It used its sharp horns to counterattack, trying to scare away the hyena. The fight continued with the agile movements of the wildebeest and the clever attacks of the hyenas.

The wildebeest tries to avoid the hyena’s bites, while the hyena constantly tries to attack its opponent’s weak points. However, the hyenas’ cunning and constant attacks eventually got the advantage.

It took the opportunity and jumped on the wildebeest’s back, trying to bite the neck. Although the wildebeest tried to resist, the hyena’s dominance caused it to lose its balance and unable to continue fighting. The hyena won this confrontation, as it rose to dominate the fight and destroy its prey.